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Ken & Karen Howard


The idea of Grace Wear Designs came about in early July 2018 when I felt I had received a word from God that he kept pounding into my mind and heart everyday for about a week. 

I went into prayer asking for God’s guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit as to what he wanted me to do.  To my surprise I couldn’t believe what he was asking of me because I had no experience whatsoever with running a clothing line or an e-commerce store, so I began researching how to run and operate one.

As my vision began to come together I knew the sole purpose for starting Grace Wear Designs was for Christians to share the gospel of Christ, and that’s why my wife and I decided that “Wear and Share the Word” would be the motto for our store.

While doing research, I found that a person wearing a t-shirt with a design or a scripture printed on it could be viewed by over 900 sets of eyes in a single day, now that’s powerful!!  That’s why my wife and I know this is the time for Christians to come together and stand up as one in Christ being led by the Holy Spirit to help share the gospel, so then, let’s start to “Wear and Share the Word” together.

The second reason we started Grace Wear Designs was so that we could take a portion of each purchase made by our customers and make monthly donations to different Christian outreaches and churches with specific needs.

It is for the purpose of these two powerful reasons that my wife and I have launched our store Grace Wear Designs, we promise that we will try to deliver the most ridiculously comfy t-shirts, hoodies and accessories made with impeccable craftsmanship, all being made in the USA.  We believe our t-shirts and hoodies could have a life changing impact on individuals wherever they live by helping to share the Gospel with others.

So we are asking you to please help financially support and spread the word of our e-commerce store Grace Wear Designs with your friends, family, your church members, and on all your social media sites. 


Sincerely, Ken and Karen Howard

Psalms 97:3 nkjv

Declare his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples.


The Murph

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